Network of Cosmetic Dentists

A professional network exclusively for dentists

Clinical CURRENT is an online platform for cosmetic dentists. The site is specifically designed to connect users with the information that matters most to them; to drive the exchange of knowledge based on need and relevance; and to provide a central point of access to current clinical research, evidence and opinion.

Clinical CURRENT exists to help our members unlock the full potential of the latest clinical developments and to tap into the knowledge and expertise of their peers. We do this by giving our members the tools to contribute and share their knowledge and expertise; to find and share the latest research, evidence and opinion; and to collaborate and engage with informed peers.

An International network

Real dentists, real names: Only cosmetic dentists are allowed to use the site and everyone must use their real name. Everyone has a profile that you can view to find out who they are and what their experience is.

An international community: For all dentists, anywhere, anytime.

Contribute and Share

Share your expertise: Answer questions, take part in debates, post articles and more

What you want, when you want: You participate in the areas that interest you when you want to and enable others to benefit from your knowledge and expertise

Enhance Reputation

Showcase expertise: Help other dentists learn and develop their clinical knowledge

Due recognition: Receive acknowledgement for the quality of what you put in

Collaborate and Connect

Professional network: Collaborate with the people you know and develop new connections with clinicians from around the world.

A private space: For when you need to keep things within a small group you can set up private spaces where people participate on an invite-only basis.

Observe and Learn

Stay up to date: You are notified with all the latest developments in your areas of interest meaning you don’t miss anything important

Search, find and request: Read and learn from the information on the site or ask the community for a response to your questions

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